Meet Anthony


Anthony Griffith burst on the national scene in the nineties by appearing on Ed McMahon’s, “Star Search”. I was the toast of the town. I was meeting people, shaking hands and invited to industry parties.

Two things would have a major impact on my life When I moved to Hollywood. I landed a spot on the coveted “The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and my daughter was diagnosed with a terminal illness.

Nothing prepares you for losing a loved one unexpectedly. I learned a powerful lesson during that time of my life, tomorrow is not promised. Soon followed several more television appearances on the “Tonight Show,””as well as various appearances on sitcoms and variety shows, but someting was lacking.

Little did I know, GOD was molding me for a bigger role. I began sharing with others about the loss in my life and found that loss is universal, but,  how we handle the loss can greatly efftect our future. I had found my new role. By sharing my pain coupled with  my definition of joy, an appreciation of your life’s journey and the people you’ve met along the way, I’ve been able to comfort others.

I   became a child again. Soaking up everything I could learn about the busines but more inportantly about my faith, my fellowman and GOD.



Over the years,I’ve  received entertainment awards but the biggest reward I enjoy  is being able to call a person once a stranger, friend.

Several years ago I was diagnosed with multiple sclerios. Never one to have the “I can’t,” mindset, but the,I will, eventually, just in a different way, has aided me in this new journey in my life. Now I combine speaking with entertaining as I share with groups and individuals around the country my personal story, “Life with Laughter,” in hopes of encouraging others to pursue their passions in hopes of making this world a better place. I’m still performing in spite of my hiccup, MS, and loving every minute of it.

“Your stand-up was truly humorous and you most definitely deserved the standing ovation that you received!” –  Judy Levine/ California Highway Patrol 11-99 Foundation



















Theatrical Agency – Kazarian/Measures/Ruskin and Associates 

Gail Williamson – 818.769-9111

Personal Appearances  

 The Grable Group – 615.283.0039