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IMG_9978“People say dogs are man’s best friend. I have yet to have a best friend, take a poop in my living room.” Anthony Griffith

This Emmy award winning comedian/actor, celebrates three decades of performing around the world with a simple mission, “to make people laugh as hard as humanly possible.” Armed with funny tales of his childhood and eccentric relatives, help lay the foundation for Anthony’s hilarious insights about marriage, family life and the pursuit of sanity. At home with secular, religious and combined audiences , Anthony’s  appeal stems from his southern charm, positive outlook on life and his ability to bring his characters to life. It is this style that has made Anthony an audience favorite at churches, corporate events, concerts and comedy clubs and has catapulted him to  over twenty-five national comedy television appearances.

“Your stand-up was truly humorous and you most definitely deserved the standing ovation that you received!” –  Judy Levine/ California Highway Patrol 11-99 Foundation


Several years ago Anthony was diagnosed with multiple sclerios. “Never one to have the “I can’t,” mindset, but ,I will, eventually, just in a different way.”,

Anthony now combines public speaking with entertainment, as he shares his personal story, “Life with Laughter,” with groups and individuals around the country.


Some of Anthony’s television highlights: 



An Emmy, for the television drama, movie of the week,  “Our Father.”




As a  frequent guest on Byron Allen shows .





“The Tonight Show with Jay Leno”, where he made multiple appearances.






“The Arsenio Hall Show”, where he  he was a frequent guest.







“The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson”, where he made multiple appearances.




Ed McMahon’s, Star Search”, where he made multiple appearances.







Theatrical Agency – Kazarian/Measures/Ruskin and Associates 

Gail Williamson – 818.769-9111

Personal Appearances  

 The Grable Group – 615.283.0039


Life with Laughter

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