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As a kid raised in the inner city of Chicago, reared by a devoutly religious mom, eccentric family, and friends, made for awesome dysfunctional surroundings. Collectively, these were the ingredients that established the solid foundation for my humor, outlook on life, liberty, and the pursuit of sanity. His non-offensive humor coupled with his ability to bring

Anthony's non-offensive humor, coupled with his ability to bring his characters to life, have made him an audience favorite at Corporate events, Churches, and Concerts.

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3 Random Facts About Anthony

He was raised with one younger brother who always got Anthony's hand-me-downs. "Even his childhood pictures were old pictures of me."

He blushes when he says to a curse word. "However, when a swear word is in quotes, I believe I'll be absolved from my sins."

Anthony's Multiple Sclerosis has not held him back. He has continued to perform steadily since the diagnosis. This included acting in films, on television as well as performing at corporate events, theatres, and churches.

H I S  B R A N D  of  H U M O R


With over twenty-five national comedy television appearances, Anthony’s rise is in no small part due to his inventive brand of humor. Whether reminiscing about a younger brother saddled with hand-me-downs, “even his childhood pictures were old pictures of me”, or his thoughts on marriage, “After thirty years, five stitches and one restraining order, I’ve learned to say I’m sorry.

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