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Sick and Tired: Part 1
  Years ago, a friend of mine; an aspiring writer and director, was fed up. On one occasion, his day-job required him to work an overtime night-shift, which caused a domino effect of crappy events. As my friend’s commute included several bus connections, he arrived home during the early morning. Already frustrated by his unsuccessful attempts to acquire an agent along with a avalanche of apathetic rejections. He ruminated about the implausibility of getting his scripts read by gatekeepers, unapologetic canceled meetings, and the numerous un-returned calls, forced him to rage about the Illuminati-like establishment. He’d had enough! “I’m getting a camera and I’m going to start shooting my stuff. No more waiting for permission.” Something I encouraged my fellow Christian friend to do years ago. Yet, it wasn’t until he was sick and tired of being sick and tired, that the spark of independence was ignited. That spark was ignited throughout the world. Dictators were toppled, wall street was re-occupied, college students loudly protested university-gouging tuition fees, and new political parties emerged because citizens were also sick and tired of being sick and tired! I surmised that, anger is good. I was encouraged for my friend as I believed that his hyper-emotional energy put him back in the front seat and made him an active participant in his life. Would his visceral reaction have a long shelf life as the embers of independence had been stoked? What would be next?

FEB/ 2018

Years later, I’ve since revisited how my support for my friend’s Norma Jean reaction, included encouragement with the best intention. However it lacked a significant element of support for my spiritual brother in Christ. My support was void God’s daily guidance. Yes, I missed the mark. As one who   is thankfully older. I painfully view through the wiser lenses of one who was a baby-christian.

Although I was raised going to culturally rich black church. It also included its traditions. Part of the implied cultural doctrine was; Yes, you wore your best clothes. Yes, you were the proud steward of the pre-determined  amount of money expected to be proudly in the offering basket. Yes, you graded the service by the degree with which the Pastor tugged at your emotions, which always included your second act – any opportunity to participate in any pity-party. Yes you looked side eyed at ANY woman who dared to step in the pulpit to spread the Good News. Yep. I was the most perfect Christian the devil could hope for.past the superficiality, my prayer life was seriously lacking. My bible IQ was lacking – Seriously lacking. My intersession skills- non existent, and my fasting discipline – zilch. A spiritually impotent Christian. And the devil sought delight at my ignorance.

Image result for scaredIt reminded me of the comedy horror movie, “Fright Night”, where a reporter confronts Dracula and reveals a cross, at which Dracula simply smiles, retrieves the cross from the reporter and says, “You gotta believe”. Thus, Leaving the reporter dazed and confused. Now what?

As a Christian, have you ever felt like the reporter in the movie; dazed by the activities going on in the world and your life? Have you ever felt powerless and confused when your best efforts didn’t seem to be enough? Looking back, I realized an important ingredient was absent – GOD. More specifically, years ago when my friend sought solace, GOD wasn’t in our planning, our conversations . HE wasn’t in our hopes, fears, dreams nor triumphs. The devil has a way of doing that, distracting you ,    confusing you, all, with hopes that you’d use your own might.


 Thus, without letting HIM order your steps to receive power and directionThank you for reading this blog. Your comments are welcome.

Dare to share. he’s always with you, even if you don’t think

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