About Anthony Griffith

Anthony helps everyone to have a sense of humor about our raw imperfections. Whether corporate, theater, or church events, Anthony is sure to make you laugh out loud and embrace your troubles.

Anthony Griffith Delivering Jokes Without the Bleeps

Anthony Griffith is an American comedian, actor, writer, and philanthropist. He focuses on the reality of life from a humorous perspective. Anthony finds his energy from his positive approach towards the tragic turns his life has taken. 

Since his initial M. S. or Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis in 1994, Anthony had undergone a rebirth, which he calls his new normal. His positive outlook on tragic experiences, coupled with strategies mandatory to excel in the 21st century, has compelled him to flourish as a dynamic, entertaining, and motivational speaker.


No pity party here! That would dishonor the memory of my parents, both hardworking. In spite of the adversities in my life, I lean on things I can control. Love for others, for myself and for God, which gave me the ability to make. people laugh
Anthony's non-offensive humor, coupled with his ability to bring his eccentric family members to life, have made him an audience favorite at Corporate events, Churches, and Concerts.

3 Random Facts About Anthony

He was raised with one younger brother who always got Anthony's hand-me-downs. "Even his childhood pictures were old pictures of me."

Anthony wanted to be a Hockey Player. But, he never mastered ice skating - a major setback.

Anthony's Multiple Sclerosis has not held him back. He has continued to perform steadily since the diagnosis. This included acting in films, on television as well as performing at corporate events, theatres, and churches.

H I S B R A N D of H U M O R

"I encourage individuals and groups to find humor through their adversities, by showcasing my own."

With dozens of national comedy television appearances, Anthony’s rise is in no small part due to his inventive brand of humor. Whether reminiscing about having a pet, "People say dogs will lay down their life for you, but, I had a fire in my house once and my dog was the first one out the house", or his thoughts on marriage, “After thirty years, five stitches and one restraining order, I’ve learned to say I’m sorry.”